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Buckinghamshire County Council

Question: There is no lights around where I live. It\'s hard for people to come home from the station at nights and the walk is around 35 minutes. What can be offered for this issue; any suggestions?

Asked by qamari93 to Marion, Niknam, Ruth, Steve on 13 Oct 2010 in Categories: .

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  • Photo: Ruth Vigor-HedderlyRuth Vigor-Hedderly answered on 8 Oct 2010:

    You could take a torch with you. Ruth


  • Photo: Marion ClaytonMarion Clayton answered on 9 Oct 2010:

    That’s pretty difficult, partly because different councils have responsibility for different lights, depending on whether it’s a main road or a residential road – sounds stupid I know, but that’s the way it is. I would suggest an initial contact with your local Town or Parish Council to find out who would be responsible for the particular area you are concerned about, and then contact the local councillor responsible, either District or County. All contact details are on the respective websites, and you could contact them by email. In the meantime, it sounds as if it would help if a group of you walked together if that’s possible, rather than being on your own.


  • Photo: Steve AdamsSteve Adams answered on 12 Oct 2010:

    I think that good lighting in an area can help with some issues such as fear of crime and perhaps road safety. This has to balanced against the cost of additional lighting, the effect of it (as some homeowners understandably don’t like it when a streetlight is planted outside their bedroom window) and the effect extra lighting might have on our attempts to reduce our carbon footprint.

    My suggestion would be to write to your local parish or town council with your request as the county council tries to work closely with local councils when making decisions like this.

    Let me know the response!


  • Photo: Niknam HussainNiknam Hussain answered on 13 Oct 2010:

    The Council policies on lights is to ensure where there are safety concerns to keep them on. I would say get in touch with your local councillor and make sure they are aware of your concerns.



  • Photo: qamari93qamari93 commented on 9 Oct 2010:

    At least you answered the questions, other councillors just read the others’ answers and then respond. Thanks for the answer and yeah I do take a torch but it is still not safe.


  • Photo: qamari93qamari93 commented on 12 Oct 2010:

    Thanks Adams and Clayton. Of course your messages are really helpful.